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Product Review – Original Make Up Eraser

Product: Original Make Up Eraser

Price: $24.96 (CDN)

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Hi all, this week’s post is my product review of the Original Make Up Eraser…a product that continues to get a lot of hype. Well, is it worth all the chit-chat and the price tag that goes along with it? Let’s face it…it IS just a cloth, isn’t it? I put it to the test and here is what I have to say about it.

Enter the Original Make Up Eraser

I watched on TV one day a show host that was demonstrating the “magic” of a microfiber cloth called the Original Make Up Eraser. If you haven’t heard of this product (where have you been?) it claims to remove ALL of your makeup, whether it is waterproof or not, without the use of a facial cleanser, only water.

The show host proceeded to use the Original Make Up Eraser and removed all traces of her (supposedly) waterproof makeup with only water. Although I was watching this with my own eyes…it is television and I am as you know, a skeptic when it comes to beauty products. So I had to buy it and try it for myself.

If in fact, the Original Make Up Eraser stands true to its claims, this is a beauty industry breakthrough and reputable skin care lines that carry expensive cleansers (hello Clinique) will undoubtedly lose some face.

Purchase of the Original Magic Eraser

If you peruse Amazon, you will find the Original Make Up Eraser as well as several knock-offs that claim to be as effective. I am always one to save money for an equally good product, but for the sake of this review I purchased the Original Make Up Eraser so that I could review the brand honestly and compare apples to apples.

Using the Original Make Up Eraser

Before I used the Original Make Up Eraser, I put it through a wash and dry cycle as per the directions. I started with a full face of makeup so I could really put it to the test. I soaked the cloth in warm water, wrung it out and proceeded to rub my face GENTLY using circular motions to remove my makeup starting with the eye area.

I already said to myself that if it requires a fair bit of rubbing to remove my makeup then I am ditching this product immediately because you should never have to tug at your skin to get it clean, especially around the eye area.

Results of the Original Make Up Eraser

Well, I have to admit with a bit of exuberance, this cloth removed my eye makeup effortlessly! I continued on with cleansing the rest of my face and not only did my face get extremely clean, but my skin did not feel dry afterwards which sometimes happens for me if I am using the wrong cleanser. It was a very quick process from start to finish and you also don’t have to rinse and wring out the cloth in order for it to clean your entire face. Just soak it once, wring it out and wash your face.


Although the price tag for this little wonder is a bit high, there is a huge upside…this cloth can be re used at least 1,000 times which means it costs me around 2 cents each time I wash my face and that is MUCH cheaper than buying a bottle of facial cleanser.

If you are interested in purchasing the Original Make Up Eraser, I have found you the best price on Amazon HERE. I will make a small commission if you purchase through this link however this does not affect the price you pay for it.

I would love to hear your experience with this product and as always, I welcome your questions and comments. If you want me to review a product, please drop me a line!


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