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Nail Polish for Aging Hands – Top Picks

Well ho, ho, ho…..tis the season when you are invited to Christmas parties, whether they be at the office or gatherings with family and friends. It’s time to choose our favourite ensemble that makes us look and feel festive. (or perhaps sexy?) For me, my perfect party outfit usually involves something that is shimmery or glittery and of course I pair it with an awesome set of heels. For me, accessories such as pendants, earrings and bracelets during the holiday season are bolder than usual and I always go for white gold or silver since my skin colour is considered pale and gold simply looks awful on me. Outfit and accessories done…check.

I assume you are already rocking a great hairstyle that makes you look and feel like a million bucks and perhaps you are a bit bold at this time of year and you play with a different hair colour shade or you have your stylist incorporate a few highlights that are outside of your comfort zone? Be brave, my beauty.

Well, now it is time to dress up the nails. But oh my….what’s on trend, what if I am too old to wear that “look”…well let’s have a chat about nail polish for aging hands and not necessarily just for the holiday season.

Aging Hands

So if you are over 50 you will know why I am letting out a sigh here as I begin to talk about aging hands. I have to admit that most of my life I was always mindful of taking care of my face, neck and décolletage, however I paid little attention to how my hands were aging and the many things I was doing wrong over the years that I am now paying for. You guessed it…too much sun, using harsh cleansing products without gloves, and frequently exposing skin to hot water.

There are days when I look down on my hands and say to myself “I have old lady hands”. From time to time, I torment myself by doing the “skin spring back” test” where you pinch the skin on your hand and expect your skin to spring back into place. On the days when my skin doesn’t spring back, it is because I have forgotten to drink enough water or I have not properly moisturized my skin. Hello lines, veins and crepey skin! These lovely characteristics are a sign of age and need to be considered when we choose nail polish which can draw attention to aging hands or detract from the look of aging hands.

Nail Colour – Don’ts

Blues and GreensBlue Nail Polish

If you want to accentuate the veins in your hands, then choose blue or green and any shade of these colours (light or dark). People will notice your blue or green polish and the blue veins that go along with it. It’s a no no on my list.

Browns and Black

I have never been a fan of brown polish and so not being able to wear this colour without drawing attention to aging hands is easy peasy. In general, avoid dark colours such as brown or black as once again it is like shining a beacon light on your veins and hyper pigmentation (or sun spots).


Because purples are blue based, the rule about blue stands true. It will draw attention to blue veins and if your skin is pale like mine, it will make your hands look deathly. Once again, this will include dark purple and light purple like lavender for instance. Steer clear.


This is a touchy colour and I have never really enjoyed seeing this colour on anyone for that matter, except for women with tanned skin or women of colour. Women of colour are fortunate as all colours really look lovely on their skin and yellow in this case is smashing! For those with pale skin, yellow can really age your hands and make them look worse than they are.


No. I don’t think I need to explain myself.

Nail Colour – Do’s

Let me preface this section by saying that nail colour always comes down to one’s preference. If you love a certain colour you will wear it happily despite what my blog or other blogs say and so it rightfully shall be. Here are however a few subtle suggestions for those with hands that are showing signs of aging like mine. I have tried ALL colours and I can say with certainty that these detract from wrinkles and veins and look quite lovely.

NeutralsNeutral Nail Polish

For me, neutrals can cover a range of colours such as light or translucent pink, beige, light grays, pearl whites or french.  These colours are classic, clean, fresh and won’t draw attention to aging hands. Try and go for a finish that is glossy instead of matte but either will work.

Corals and Oranges

Coral is a colour that compliments tanned, dark or pale skin and young or aged skin. It has warm undertones that flatter any skin type and for me personally, it is my go to colour for any time of the year. If you tend to prefer orange over coral, make sure you pick a colour with warm undertones and try to avoid a really bright orange such as neon orange.

RedsRed Nail Polish

Red is classic, elegant and timeless. Red nail polish comes in a vast array of shades such as warm reds (cherry red) or cool reds (raspberry red). Once again, try and avoid the blue based or cool reds as this will help draw attention to blue toned veins. Look for a beautiful, rich red with a warm, orange undertone and your nails will be the star of the show.

Healthy Nails are Pretty Nails

You can slap on all the lovely nail colours out there, but if you don’t have well cared for nails and cuticles, then you may as well save your money on nail polish. Your nails are actually one of the first things people notice about you so make sure they are clean and neat. Treat yourself to a professional manicure once in a while and if you don’t want to spend your money then pamper yourself at home with just a few simple steps.

1. File your nails to your ideal shape

2. Trim any loose cuticles (try not to cut away healthy cuticles as they help protect your nail bed)

3. Massage cuticle cream (or try olive or coconut oil) into your nails and cuticles

4. Moisturize your hands

These basic steps will make for a great landscape for your perfect polish!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any comments or questions I would love to answer them.

Have fun searching for your favourite polish!

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